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2020-2021 Board BIos

The following is the slate for Bulldog Aquatics Booster Club Board.  Voting is now open and will close on Monday, 9/14.  Ballots will be sent to parents who have completed the General Membership Form.  Board will be announced at the 9/16 Board Meeting.

President, Craig Wong

I have been president of BABC since its inception and have been proud of its growth in its three years of existence. My goal is to continue to build the BABC in my daughter's senior year at Portola. I want to build a name for the BABC in the Irvine community for years to come.

Treasurer, Vincent Chung

Current Treasurer looking to continue supporting the BABC. Thank You.

Secretary, Jeff Shattuck

I would like to live in a world where all children can grow up to become aquatic bulldogs.

VP Girls Swimming, Sonny Sim

Hi, I served on the board as VP of the girls swimming last year. My daughter Sophia (freshman)will be on the swim team this year. Summer (Junior) has been on the water polo team and swim team for the last 2 years. The school will provide limited funding for us to operate successfully as a program. I understand the need for volunteers and funding to have a successful aquatics program, and my family is doing all we can to support our teams. I’ve been in charge of the snack bar for water polo and swim, calendar sales, and dinner out fundraisers. My specialty is quesadillas. I hope to continue to be VP of girls swimming. Thank you.

VP Girls Water Polo, Tina Stelzer

I am the incumbent VP for Girls Water Polo. This year, one of my goals is to encourage more parents to be ready to fill board positions as athletes graduate out of the program. I will focus on identifying representatives for GWP early and getting them involved for both the board and subcommittees.

VP Boys Water Polo, Caryn Cherry

I am running for a board position to support the goals of the PHS Aquatics program as outlined in their bylaws. And for eternal glory.

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