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Volunteers Needed - Water Polo JOs July 17-24

HI Bulldogs - we need everyone's help. Portola will be hosting JOs at our pool July 17-24. We will need everyone's assistance in making this event successful.

Coach Avery has put together a sign up sheet for food donations and volunteers. The jobs are as follows:


  • Check tickets/passes for each person, ensuring no one enters without a wristband.

  • Sell any daily passes and provide wristbands

Snack Bar:

  • Sell and/or prepare food for guests at Portola’s pool

  • Keep snack bar tidy and clean.


  • Sit at each door and ensure no one “illegally” enters the pool deck (everyone has to enter and exit through one door).

We are respectfully asking that each family sign up for two shifts. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Avery.

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